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20 yr old says he likes kissing his sister


I am 20 and I am living with my adopted parents. I don’t know my mother or father. My adopted parents grew me and sent me to school and now I have a good job.


One day while I was at work a man showed up and asked for me. He told me that he is my father but when my mother was pregnant she disappeared and he could not find her, so he did not know where I was. I asked him how he found out where I am working and he told me that he has a daughter and she told him that she met a guy and how the guy resembled him and she knows where the guy was working. That guy happened to be me and it is true.


The girl he was talking about is someone I like an we have kissed several times. I love kissing her. I told my foster parents of the development and they are encouraging me to do a DNA test if I like the girl but I hate the man who claims to be my father so much. Things would change if I could know my mother but I never get to know her I could do without her because I am happy to have my adopted parents.


These people who grew me up said a woman just offered me to them and they never saw her again. I asked the man who claimed that he is my father what did he do to try to find my mother and he said he went to the house where she used to live and nobody knew where she went. I can’t get this girl out of my mind. All I can think about is that kiss.