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I hate my man, his angry ways and his secrets


Krystal felt as if she was in love with her long time ex boyfriend. She had just gotten over her previous spouse whom she had a child with. She divided to give her ex a chance because in her heart she still love him. She felt as if now she has someone in her life that she can chase her dreams with and grow old together with the kids since he had two or maybe three. 
Well after Almost three month of her starting to love him all over again someone told her something that made her heart broke instantly. She felt betrayed and felt lost and she felt angry. She found out he had a baby on the way. She had no idea. She understands this happened before she got back with him but she wanted to opportunity to make that decision for herself about proceeding with the relationship. No she has mixed feelings. She loves him. It she hates him and now this ultimate secret has her re-evaluating life. He need to be there for his child and that’s the best way for him to go. 
Now Krystal wants to just be single for a while until she finds her Prince Charming. She wishes her ex all the best as at this point she can only be his friend.